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Attorney Support


Financial Support and Guidance for your Attorney Practice

  • Do QDR’s make you queasy?

  • Not sure about the differences in workplace retirement plans and the rules that govern them?

  • Trying to solve cash-flow issues for your client during settlement negotiations?

  • Having trouble valuation RSU’s restricted stock units and Stock Options?


Why should you risk the chance for a malpractice lawsuit? Protect your client’s best interest and your practice at the same time! Team up with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® to make sure that nothing gets missed during the separation of marital assets. 

Not doing this could cost your clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and as important, your valuable reputation!

Qualified and Experienced in all Financial Matters

Griffin Divorce Consulting provides attorneys with comprehensive, well-documented reports. We are respected advocates of our conclusions and deliver expert testimony in depositions and trials. Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) can provide financial forensics or assist your case with analysis of expenses to run through a business or uncover potential hidden assets through a Lifestyle Analysis.

When your case needs a Lifestyle Analysis or Forensic Accounting for a divorce, you can count on Griffin Divorce Consulting to fill that need in a cost-effective way.

Our Attorney Support Includes:

  • Valuation of closely-held businesses

  • Calculation of income and expenses for maintenance and child support

  • Identification and separation of marital and non-marital funds

  • Separation of commingled funds

  • Asset tracing and identification of missing assets

  • Assistance in preparation for deposition and trial

  • Mediation and assistance in settlement negotiations

  • Expert witness testimony

Client Testimonial

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Do you have questions and don't know where to start? Reach out today to learn about how we can help you through this difficult process and decide what approach works best for your situation.


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