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Mediator Support


For Mediators, Let’s work together! …Divorce Done Differently!

Mediators often struggle with properly educating a couple on the financial complexities of their settlements.  At Griffin Divorce Consulting as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Certified Financial Fiduciary® trained in all the financial intricacies of divorce.

We combine our experience as financial advisors with hundreds of hours of mediation training to offer a whole new mode. There’s no need to make agreements that aren’t fully informed, educated and future tested. At Griffin Divorce Consulting, we provide you as the mediator and your clients to decipher all the assets, types, inner workings and offer various financial settlement solutions for you and your clients.

Facilitating communication is great, but don’t you want to be sure you have ALL of your property settlement options on the table? We provide ideas for creative settlement solutions to ensure you will BOTH be ok in the next phase of your lives. 

Our Mediator Support Includes:

  • Valuation of closely-held businesses

  • Calculation of income and expenses for maintenance and child support

  • Identification and separation of marital and non-marital funds

  • Separation of commingled funds

  • Asset tracing and identification of missing assets

  • Assistance in preparation for deposition and trial

  • Mediation and assistance in settlement negotiations

  • Expert witness testimony



Do you have questions and don't know where to start? Reach out today to learn about how we can help you through this difficult process and decide what approach works best for your situation.


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