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Why hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analysts®?


We help you find your most fair & equitable divorce settlement.

Retaining an additional divorce financial planner and costs associated most likely is not what a divorcing spouse would like or think about.  However, in certain cases, not hiring one could be more expensive.

Some situations call for a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA). While this person cannot provide legal advice, hiring a CDFA® can provide a detailed and clear financial analysis, analyze proposed settlements from a financial perspective, how will this impact both divorcing parties today and in the future financially, uncover overseen assets and information and advice to the attorneys and divorcees relating to the financial impact. 

CDFA®s can then project the financial impact of a proposal in the short and long-term and formulate different options that may leave both parties in better positions post-marriage. They can even give absolute values to assets that may be under or overestimated.


We use our knowledge of tax law, asset distribution and short- and long-term financial planning ramifications to achieve equitable divorce settlements proposals to clients, mediators, and an Attorney at Law.

The best-case scenario for two people divorcing is that it’s amicable and both parties agree on the division of assets. In this case, you might only need a neutral mediator just to help with paperwork. 


Some divorces that do not involve property, retirement accounts, children, or large sums of money might even be completed by following a few simple steps online.


However, sometimes in cases of a long-term marriage, in which a couple may own property, retirement accounts such as 401k’s or pension plans, stock options, cash value life insurance policies, 529 plans for the children, Health Savings Accounts (HAS’s), separate property, with conflicting spouses will most likely always necessitate the hiring of Legal Counsel to represent each spouse. 


This, unfortunately, becomes not only a stressful and emotional challenge for both divorcing spouses, but also it becomes expensive, with Attorney meetings, negotiations, court appearances, which all adds up to time spent and increased costs.



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