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Managing Your Financial Life


Our service was built on the sincere desire to help clients make critical decisions as they navigate the transitions into the various stages of their lives. 

You’ve got your divorce settlement…now what? Now is the time to handle any property divisions that have not been done up to this point. As your CDFA® I can help guide you in executing your settlement. If the divorce decree says you get half of his IRA, how do you make that happen? If you need a QDRO to divide a pension, who does that and where do you go for that? 


There are many things you need to do in this final step and we can help guide you through this process. Things to consider are:

  • Splitting IRAs or other investment accounts

  • Having a QDRO written up to divide employer-based retirement plans

  • Setting up your new accounts and providing investment management advice.

  • Reviewing your estate plan and current beneficiaries.

  • Creating a budget for your now single life inclusive of a savings plan

  • Reassess your goals and determine some new strategies to achieve them

Getting the settlement finalized is a big step but implementing that settlement and creating your new life is the next stage. As your CDFA®, we can help guide you on these final steps and ensure the divorce plan we created for you is financially successful. We want to be your financial partner for the long term and for every transition yet to come in your life. We are here to empower you to make life awesome! 


Griffin Divorce Consulting will put our expertise and vast experience to work for you as your partner throughout the many decisions that affect your financial life. Every financial decision has an emotional impact and we appreciate the fact that sometimes emotions can outweigh the dollars and cents. We’ll help you sort through these decisions, as well.

Client Testimonial

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Do you have questions and don't know where to start? Reach out today to learn about how we can help you through this difficult process and decide what approach works best for your situation.